People Power Solar Cooperative


Our mission is to create a just and inclusive transition to renewable energy by enabling everyone to own and shape our energy future.


Energy is the source of what moves us, feeds us, connects us, and so much more. Energy is our power, and cooperatives are where we can build and democratically govern our power.


What does this look like?

Our members:

    ☀️ Deepen connections with energy and each other by being activated in collaboration with the community. Together, we are developing a shared vision of the decentralized, democratized, distributed and diversified energy systems that will meet our needs today and for generations to come.
    🌎 Learn and expand our imaginations together, through events, discussions, and organizing project groups that help us understand and shape both the technical and political aspects of power together.
    🌻 Build tangible alternatives to private utilities, like community-owned solar installations, mutual aid projects that provide battery access during power shut-downs, and solar-powered community fridges.


People Power Solar Cooperative is like a grid for the transmission and distribution of another kind of power: the combined, connected, and amplified potential of many people sharing resources, ideas, skills, connections, and labor in infinitely creative ways.

Together, we take action to advance energy justice by being the change we want to see - practicing energy co-governance and opposing policies that allow energy injustice to continue.

Join us and let’s build people power together!