Our mission is to create a just and inclusive transition to renewable energy by enabling everyone to own and shape our energy future.

Growing The Movement. People Power Solar Cooperative is building a movement toward grassroots-led and community-owned solar, a critical piece of a just transition to a sustainable economy. While climate justice groups everywhere are advocating for energy democracy, very few community-owned solar projects exist in California or most of the United States. Our research and work with communities has revealed the substantial technical, financial, and legal barriers to community-owned solar. Now we’re building the skills, leadership, and people power necessary to overcome these barriers in our communities and start getting everyday people involved in solar development.


Supporting Local Communities. In a nutshell, our model is based on partnerships. We partner with community-based groups like local environmental justice and clean energy organizations. People Power acts as a legal umbrella and administrative backbone for groups to build community-owned solar projects. We handle the technical, legal, and administrative aspects of solar development, and partner with groups to organize, identify sites, and raise capital for solar installations. And, as People Power grows and becomes an umbrella for many solar projects, smaller communities will gain access to large economies of scale, aggregated buying power, and lower costs. Over time, we build people power!


You can read more about our model in the People Power Bylaws.