Image: Crystal Huang embodies energy as everything to a captivated audience.




As the climate crisis intensifies, the national shift to renewable energy is accelerating. People Power Solar Cooperative organizes to resist further consolidation and enclosure of energy resources by for-profit fossil fuel companies, utilities, financiers, and developers that have been extracting wealth and health from our communities for centuries.

Growing The Energy Democracy Movement. People Power Solar Cooperative was established as a movement cooperative in 2018 to create pathways for communities to participate in the energy transition despite the lack of viable community solar policies. Over the past years, we have identified substantial technical, financial, and legal barriers that make building community-owned energy projects in California inaccessible. Rather than waiting for private utilities or corporations to do it for us, People Power organizes energy projects that showcase that communities WANT TO and CAN own and shape our energy systems.

Today, People Power continues to advance the energy democracy movement to build grassroots-led and community-governed energy. Ultimately, we are fostering a culture of cooperation to activate the people power that dismantles PG&E and other private utilities by building the future beyond them!


Image: Jessica Tovar casts her vote during the 2019 People Power Board Election.




People Power Solar Cooperative invests in community-led projects that create alternatives to PG&E and other private utilities by decentralizing, democratizing, distributing, and diversifying the energy system. Ensuring that power to live can be accessed by all without compromising the health and safety of any community, today and for generations to come.



Because Energy Democracy is about more than clean power… It’s about community powered people!




As a movement cooperative, our collaborative culture extends beyond working with our Members. Here are some of our Partners and Collaborators locally, regionally, and nationally: