As a Cooperative, People Power exists by and for its Owners. The enormity of our task at hand – transitioning away from a fossil fuel economy, combatting wealth inequality, and building power for people of color, low-income communities, and frontline communities – requires that communities doing the groundwork of leading a justice-based transition also lead in making decisions about our collective assets and resources. By doing this, we enable everyone to contribute to our transition, which is why we have four classes of Owners in our organization:

1 Anchor Owners, community members who provide leadership and spearhead the development of new projects.

2 General Owners, who purchase shares of the cooperative and provide support for projects.

3 Subscriber Owners, who get electrical power and other benefits or services from the cooperative.

4 Worker Owners, the cooperative’s staff, who provide the technical, operational, and organizing support to all other Owners.

If you are interested in becoming part of People Power Solar Cooperative, please visit our Get Involved page and get in touch!

Anchor Owners

Note: the organizations listed are for identification only, and not an organizational endorsement.

Last updated May 25, 2020.

  • Ranil Abeysekera, Community Printers
  • Ernesto Arevalo, Communities for a Better Environment
  • Feby Boediarto, East Bay Community Energy
  • Ophir Bruck, Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Rev. Ambrose Carroll, Green the Church
  • Nevada Yasir Cross, Soul Flower Farm
  • Gopal Dayaneni, Movement Generation
  • Selena Feliciano, San Francisco Bee-Cause, Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association
  • Adrionna Fike, Mandela Foods Coop
  • lora jo foo, No Coal in Oakland
  • Anthony Forrest, Planting Justice
  • Nikki Fortunato Bas, Oakland City Council District 2
  • Esther Goolsby, Communities for a Better Environment
  • Mark Hall, Revalue.io
  • Kansas Heaney, Ingleside Community Power
  • YaVette Holts, Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses
  • Vivian Yi Huang, Asian Pacific Environmental Network
  • Gregory Jackson, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, Sustainable Economies Law Center
  • Sandhya Jha, Oakland Peace Center
  • Rev. Earl Koteen, Ecological Justice Minister
  • Aaron Lehmer-Chang, House Kombucha
  • Margie Lewis, Friends Of the Public Bank East Bay, Communities for a Better Environment
  • Seonghee Lim, Communities for a Better Environment, Ella Baker Center
  • Andre' Little, activist
  • Brandi Mack, The Butterfly Movement, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces
  • Michelle Mascarenhas, Movement Generation
  • Mark Miles, MMCI SOLAR
  • Colin Miller, EJ Solutions and Oakland Climate Action Coalition
  • Zolboo Namkhaidorj, Communities for a Better Environment
  • Megan O'Neil, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Susan Park, activist, educator, and healing practitioner
  • Marquita Price, East Oakland Collective
  • Prescott Reavis, The San Francisco Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects
  • Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth
  • Angela Scott, community organizer
  • Noni Session, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative
  • Parin Shah, Clean Energy Equity Fund
  • Kareem Shihab, solar advocate
  • Maria Stamas, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Jessica Tovar, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Franki Velez, People of Color Sustainable Housing Network
  • Aaron Voit, California Rural Legal Assistance
  • Alvina Wong, Asian Pacific Environmental Network
  • Miya Yoshitani, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Worker Owners

People Power's Worker Owners carry out the day-to-day work of the cooperative and act as staff.

Crystal Huang

Crystal (she/her) is a grassroots community-builder and a 2020 Roddenberry Fellow with more than 10 years of experience deploying climate solutions technology. She served as COO for Powerhouse, a solar incubator, and an Associate Producer of “Time to Choose”, a documentary film by Academy Award winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson. She is currently leading the Energy Democracy Project, a collaboration of close to 40 geographically and racially diverse organizations working to democratize the energy sector.

hannah bouscher-gage

hannah (they/them) collaborates with People Power Owners and Partners to co-create content that advances a Just Transition to a regenerative economy. Applying story-based strategy, human-centered, and circular design principles, hannah is working to facilitate experiences that build community power by restoring our relationships with energy and each other. Originally from the Pacific Salmon Bioregion, hannah enjoys connecting at the intersection of the power sector, river restoration, and LandBack.


People Power is a change-making organization that is worker-led, grassroots-led, and decentralized. Our Board primarily oversees the Workers to ensure that Workers are fulfilling their purpose and are accountable to all Owners. Like owls, Board members watch and listen carefully.

Brandi Mack

Governance Director, Board President

Grayson Flood

Financial Director, Board Treasurer

Marquita "Keta" Price

Anchor Director

Selena Feliciano

Worker Director, Board Secretary

Yasir Cross

Subscriber Director

Subin DeVar

Permanent Cooperatives Director

Amee Raval

Climate Justice Director

Crystal Huang

Grassroots Clean Energy Director


  • Linda Barrera, California Energy Commission
  • Gopal Dayaneni, Movement Generation
  • Annelise Dillon, People's Solar Energy Fund
  • Mark Hall, Revalue.io
  • YaVette Holts, Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses
  • Vivian Yi Huang, Asian Pacific Environmental Network
  • Andreas Karelas, RE-volv
  • Doug Lybeck, Nuance Energy Group
  • Mmakgantsi Mafojane, New Sun Road
  • Janelle Orsi, Sustainable Economies Law Center
  • Ian Petrich, solar consultant
  • John Powers, Extensible Energy
  • Angela Scott, Community Organizer
  • Kareem Shihab, Solar Advocate, in memoriam
  • Maria Stamas, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Jessica Tovar, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Franki Velez, People of Color Sustainable Housing Network