People Power Solar Cooperative lets ordinary people finance, build, and co-own solar projects. It’s time to get off of fossil fuels and do so in a way that ensures that everyone has a voice in our shared energy future!

We’re accepting new membership as we raise community investment for multiple community-owned residential solar projects in Alameda County.

We are prioritizing this membership opportunity for those who live, work, play, or pray in Alameda County, but of course anyone in California is free to join! This means you now have the inspiring opportunity to buy one to ten $100 shares in the Cooperative and become a member-owner. This money will be invested in community solar projects that generate modest dividends for you and others in your community.

By becoming a member-owner of People Power Solar Cooperative you will...

If you are ready to move forward, you can read our Bylaws here and click the pink button above to sign our Owner Agreement. After signing, we will reach out to you via email about purchasing your share in the Cooperative.


For far too long, “going solar” in California has only been an option for property owners, leaving behind the more than 50% of Californians who rent their homes or lack the credit or capital to go solar. Luckily today there’s an alternative! These homeowners have chosen to go solar with People Power Solar Cooperative so that we can build collective wealth in our community TOGETHER.

"Our family's, and our collective, future depends on completely rethinking how we produce, use, and importantly, govern energy. People Power restores power to the people, literally, both through decentralized production of solar and also through democratic ownership of the cooperative. Plus, going solar with the coop will save us money, so even if we didn't care about anything else, it still makes sense!”

- Lilly, Naomi & Neil, future Subscriber Owners

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