As calls to ‘transform the energy system’ by ending the use of fossil fuels, transitioning utilities into public entities, or ‘electrifying everything,’ increase in response to the climate crisis, People Power Solar Cooperative invites you to pause and consider what energy really is. Asking questions such as, where does it come from? And, who controls my access to it? We believe reflecting on these questions can begin to change our relationship with energy and each other so that we can advance real solutions to the challenges we face.



To advance lasting change, we must root in a foundational understanding of the systems we seek to change. This knowledge can then guide our strategies for taking action to truly transform the systems.

This is why People Power Solar Cooperative created the Tools 4 Transition series: To offer energy systems knowledge sharing through the lens of energy justice and ecology.

This content series is for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the history of corporate utilities in California and how they influence the economies we are nested within. Participants are then provided a framework to assess how lasting the solutions we are considering will be, and the impacts to consider for future generations.

Check out the recap from our Spring 2022 series below to see a sample of Tools 4 Transition, and email [email protected] to learn more or partner with us!